Serving With Faith and Care

Customized Care after Surgery or Hospitalization

Texas Home Care Partners understands the needs and challenges faced after surgery or a procedure or illness requiring a hospital stay.

Our home caregivers are especially suited to help you get settled at home and make sure you have all the care, supplies, transportation, meals, medication and support post-surgery to help you feel comfortable so you can focus on healing.

We will customize a program based on your specific needs and doctor’s orders to make sure your healing journey is a positive one.

Contact us several days in advance of your surgery for a free consultation, and we’ll provide you with program details and options, and pricing based on your specific needs.

Day Surgery

Texas Home Care Partners' day surgery services help take the hassle out of arranging treatment around other people’s work schedules.

We will provide transportation to and from your procedure, get your prescriptions filled and make sure you have all the supplies and creature comforts needed to get settled back at home.

Our home caregivers will also make or order your favorite comfort food, turn down your bed, check the house for any safety concerns (loose rugs or wires that could cause a fall, etc.), set your nightstand up with bottled water and any medication you need, put books and TV remotes within reach, feed and walk your pets, bring in your mail and more.

If you need help getting to follow-up doctor, therapy or rehab appointments, we can supply transportation to and from those as well!

Care after a Hospital Stay

For more serious surgery or illnesses that require a hospital stay, Texas Home Care Partners will provide the same services listed above to get you home and settled with all the medication, supplies and resources you need.

In addition, we will coordinate care with home health agencies that provide in-home therapy and will provide reports back to your doctor if desired.

Texas Home Care Partners' home caregivers can monitor your vital signs, change bandages, help you bathe, use your bathroom facilities and even help do your hair and makeup. Our home caregivers are also skilled cooks who can prepare meals that adhere to any special diet that may be ordered by your doctor.

Working with your physical therapist, Texas Home Care Partners can make sure you continue prescribed range of motion exercises on the days between therapist visits, and help you get to follow-up appointments as well.

Contact us today for a free consultation, including program details and options, and pricing based on your specific needs.