Serving With Faith and Care

Care that Nurtures the Spirit  

Numerous academic studies document the health benefits associated with spirituality12. At Texas Home Care Partners, we are committed to Serving with Faith and Care, and supporting the role of spirituality in our approach to whole-person care. 

At your request, our caregivers will provide one-to-one spiritual care for you or your loved one, allowing healing in body and spirit as we provide their daily assistance needs.

Faith Communities  

Our caregivers will work with local churches, synagogues, or other faith communities, and seek their advice and direction, to provide in-home spiritual support services appropriate to our clients’ faith traditions.  Such services may include reading Scriptures or devotionals, praying together or providing for religious dinners or other traditions. Scriptures and prayer books will be those of the client or those used in the faith communities of the client.


Our caregivers may also provide transportation to and from synagogues, churches, and other faith communities so our clients can participate in the community life and services provided there.

1PC Hill, KI Pargament - American Psychologist, 2003
2Annals of Family Medicine 6:448-458 (2008) discusses models of spirituality and whole-person patient care