Serving With Faith and Care

Keeping in Touch  

At Texas Home Care Partners, we understand how much it means for family members to keep in touch…just a simple phone call or letter can make the world seem brighter.

To help family members share stories, notes and pictures, Texas Home Care Partners will help you or your loved one set up a private Web page where you can keep in touch at the click of a few buttons. You can post pictures, send notes and well-wishes and more. We'll also post notes from your loved one back to you.

Only those invited to view the site are allowed access, which gives our caregivers the ability to leave notes to family members as well.

For those receiving care who don’t have computer or internet access, our team will print out photos and notes or communicate your well-wishes to them at our visits.

All of this is provided at no charge to you…it’s simply an added value of working with Texas Home Care Partners, who believe in caring for all aspects of our clients…physical, spiritual and social.

Just another way we are committed to Serving with Faith and Care.